Sunflower Husk Briquettes Half Pallet

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Advantages of Sunflower Husk Briquettes

Fuel briquettes made from sunflower husk have advantages over other types of fuel, for example, coal and gas. Fuel briquettes from sunflower husk emit less carbon dioxide during combustion. Briquettes do not make you dirty unlike coal or petroleum fractions. The ash content is also lower compared to coal and firewood.


Fuel briquettes from sunflower husk compete with blocks from forestry waste. Efficiency coefficient is the same. Humidity of briquettes of this category is also at the standard level. Only the ash content is different, it is a couple percent higher. Agri-briquettes made from the husks of sunflower have the shape of a cylinder.

  • Heat dissipation is much greater (about 4400 kcal / kg)
  • Low indicator of humidity (no more than 10%)
  • Virtually no ash remains after combustion (about 1-3%)

Another advantage of briquettes from sunflower husk is the burning duration: they burn for 100-120 minutes, and smoulder for 6-8 hours. A considerable advantage is the low ash content: after burning a kilogram of this briquette, ash remains in the size of a matchbox or a little more, hence the large amount of heat that a unit of fuel emits: it burns out completely. The ash formed after combustion is an excellent fertilizer.


Storage conditions of briquettes from sunflower husk

Despite the high density of the products, it is recommended to store them in places where humidity does not exceed 80%.

In winter, it is recommended to stack briquettes indoors, eliminating the ingress of precipitation.

Briquettes are not able to ignite spontaneously, so there is no need to strictly observe fire safety precautions.


48 x 10 kg bags


480 kg

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