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Wood waste pellets

Pellets – a kind of biofuel, which is obtained industrially by processing wood waste. The waste from the tree is crushed and dried before it’s compressed.

Diameter of 6 mm

Length of 5-30 mm

The bulk density of pellets is 650 kg/m3

Heat dissipation – 4500 Kcal / kg

Ash content – 0.24-0.30% (bright pellets)

Advantages of wood pellets

Heat dissipation. If we compare pellets with coal or firewood, then due to the high density and low humidity of the granules, the heat dissipation of pellets will naturally be higher.

Many people decide to choose pellets for boilers because the combustion rate of pellets is much higher than the combustion rate of other types of fuel. For example, if we take the same volume of pellets and other types of fuel, the first ones emit carbon monoxide about 30 times lower and leave about 1% of ash after the combustion process. It is worth noting that ash can be used to fertilize plants.

Another undoubted advantage for those who decide to buy pellets is that this biofuel cannot ignite on its own. The fact is that, compared with other types of fuel, pellets have a higher density, lower content of secondary particles, which include garbage and dust, thereby ensuring absolute safety when used.

Due to the sufficiently high density of this biofuel, its storage and transportation is carried out optimally, in comparison with other fuel. Nowadays, the number of people wishing to buy pellets from the manufacturer is growing every day. The fact is that pellets can be easily packaged in big bags before transportation. This, in turn, can significantly reduce the process of loading and shipping, as well as increase the shelf life of pellets.

It is worth considering the fact that it is most profitable to buy pellets in bulk. This will significantly save the budget, and lets you get ready for the winter heating season without any problems.


65 x 15 kg bags


975 kg

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