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Pini-Kay fuel briquettes have the shape of an irregular polyhedron or cylindrical shape, with an inside hole along the entire length. The hole gives additional traction inside the briquette; thanks to it the briquettes burn without forced ventilation and can be successfully used in fire chambers with low traction. Resistant to moisture and transportable. They have high calorific value.


Pini-Kay fuel briquettes are euro firewood, the most high-tech type of fuel briquettes. It is the best solid fuel for almost all types of stoves, fireplaces. Pini-Kay briquettes (euro-firewood) are ideal for pyrolysis boilers, several times increasing their power and heat transfer.

Characteristics of fuel briquettes Pini-Kay

Briquette length – 240-300mm

Diameter – 50-80 mm

Surface – Glossy

Humidity 4-5%

Calorific value – 5200-5300 kcal / kg

Ash content – not more than 0.1%


Advantages of Pini Kay Euro firewood:

  • Wood briquettes Pini-Kay (eurowood) have a maximum burning duration and heat of combustion – give the most even and long heat.
  • Easy ignition. The ignition of fuel briquettes does not differ from the ignition of ordinary firewood. However, you can kindle euro-woods with the help of special liquids (for example, those used for ignition of charcoal) or gel for ignition. Due to its low humidity, briquettes flare up quickly. Pini-Kay fuel briquettes – easy ignition and quick heating of the room
  • Convenient storage. Due to even proportions and high density, Pini-Kay fuel briquettes can be stored in several rows, which allows storing significantly more fuel per unit area, in comparison with conventional firewood. Wood fuel briquettes – convenient storage and transportation. Due to its high density, Pini-Kay fuel briquettes are well stored in atmospheric humidity, in the open air.
  • Burning time and subsequent smouldering, higher than that of “ordinary” firewood. The duration of burning of wood briquettes Pini-Kay– up to 3 hours (in furnaces with adjustable air supply). The high burning time increases the time interval between the filling of fuel into the furnace, which significantly increases the usability. Comfortable temperature with less fuel
  • The burning of Pini-Kay fuel briquettes, unlike the classic firewood of various types of wood, is accompanied by the release of a minimum amount of smoke, do not spark and do not “shoot”. High safety with high calorific value.

50 x 10 kg bags


500 kg

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